Employee Directory

Easily locate employees on your floorplans and maps


Find Employees

The powerful quick search function allows anyone to quickly locate employees, available desks, booked desks, printers, assets, etc. Matches are found based on the name as well as field values such as department, position, extension, etc.

To find an available desk or meeting room, enter criteria separated by commas. eg: 'mee,window,seats>4' will find all meeting rooms with more than 4 seats and windows.


Track Employee Info

An office manager or facility manager can quickly setup a StaffMap project to efficiently manage space in the workplace. Keep your staff floorplans up-to-date from anywhere at any time.

Allow staff to quickly locate other employees. Implement a shared desk (hotdesking) booking system to allow certain desks to be booked when needed.

Plan employee desk moves as new people join the company, or seating allocation changes.


Access from Anywhere

Easily locate employees from anywhere on any device.

Update your office floorplans using a standard browser on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Simply log in, make changes and then log out.

Screen elements are dynamically resized and adjusted based on the size of the screen.


Azure & AD Integration

StaffMap provides powerful integration with Microsoft Active Directory. Sync employee records with Active Directory, or import employees from Active Directory. Administrators define which fields are connected, and apply filters to sync with specific organizational units or groups.

Staffmap also provides auto-login through Active Directory so that once your employees are logged in to the network, they will be automatically logged into Staffmap with the same username.


Employee Import & Sync

Easily import employee records from other systems. As long as the system can produce a CSV file, employees can be imported into StaffMap. Administrators define which fields are imported.

If desk names are included in the import file, employees will automatically be positioned at the matching desk on your floorplans.


Export PDF & JPG

Export your floorplans to high quality PDF, or high resolution jpg format for easy distribution. These exported floorplans can be easily embedded in your website as thumbnails, full floorplan images, or emailed out to employees.

Select a specific layer such as printers to export an equipment floorplan showing only printers.


Find Employees & Assets

If you need to find someone in the office, StaffMap can quickly connect you. Every staff member in the system can be searched for and located on your company floorplan. The quick search also allows you to easily find desks, assets and bookings. 

Embed a StaffMap project to your company website in an iframe or publish clear office floor plan images for staff, clients, or customers to reference.



Use layers to organize all of your employees and assets. Default layers include employees, bookable desks, assigned desks, and assets. Create your own custom layers to display just printers, just phones, or just employees in the accounting department. 

Layer names can be passed in the URL to only display specific layers such as employees or assets.


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